For many women it is a very special piece of clothing in their lives: the wedding dress. It should be tailored to the bride and fit her style and personality. But which wedding dress trends will there be in 2023? We present trendy models.

This year, wedding dresses with deep back cutouts are particularly popular. It can have a tattoo tip, be kept very simple or even have a deeper V-neckline. It is important, however, that the back neckline is in focus and is beautifully emphasized. With an updo, it naturally comes into its own. It is best to wear a backless bra to go with it.

Another highlight of 2023 are wedding dresses with a large bow. The dress can best be kept in a simple 90s design, so that it is also beautifully emphasized. A dress with a lot of lace or a more eye-catching design would either drown her out or stand out too much stylistically. With a simpler model, it makes for a nice, playful eye-catcher. The appliqué can be found either on the front or back of the wedding dress – or even attached to the side. With a simpler dress with targeted highlights, the hairstyle and hair accessories can be a little more conspicuous.

The next wedding dress trend in 2022 also sets very specific accents: Instead of a heart-shaped neckline, a square neckline is popular for wedding dresses this year. It doesn’t matter whether the dress is long or short, has lace or is kept simple. Here, the neckline is the eye-catcher – and like the bow trend, it can be combined with eye-catching hair accessories or other jewelry. A beautiful veil also goes with this dress trend.

It does not always have to be long and pompous for a wedding. In 2023, short wedding dresses are also in trend. For example, the dress can be kept very simple and strapless in order to set accents. This goes well with a casual hairstyle with simple, elegant jewelry and quietly more conspicuous shoes. In addition to short wedding dresses, high-low dresses are also part of the 2023 bridal fashion trend: These models are short in the front and longer in the back and immediately create an exciting look that emphasizes the legs – and which also go well with eye-catching shoes.

Dresses with XL frills or eye-catching sleeves are also part of the bridal fashion trend. Just like off-the-shoulder dresses or one-shoulder models. It becomes clear: The main thing is that the chosen dress has eye-catching elements that provide specific highlights and thus set exciting, romantic and playful accents.

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