Mr. Geiling, you work as a separation consultant. What exactly do clients learn from you? The people who come to me don’t necessarily have to separate. Basically, I am someone who supports other people – before, during or after a separation or in relationship crises. Although most of my clients break up, there are also some who – after reflecting on themselves – go to couples therapy or try to solve the problems with their partner on their own. I don’t separate anyone. For me it’s about seeing more clearly and deciding on what you actually want.

What are the most common reasons for a breakup? I have many clients between the ages of mid-30s and mid-50s who have been in a relationship for a long time. These are the ones for whom love has been lost to some extent. Where there may still be closeness because you are used to a lot of things and have experienced a lot together, there is no longer an erotic couple relationship. People have grown apart. Or they are younger people who have slipped into a relationship but are increasingly realizing that it is too different.

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