Boris Becker (55) gets family support at work. The tennis legend, who was recently in an English prison for almost eight months, is currently back in front of the camera as a TV expert at the Australian Open. On the set of the Eurosport station in Munich, where Becker is again presenting his program “Matchball Becker”, his son Elias (23) has now paid him a visit.

Becker captured the special moment with a joint photo on Instagram – a rare sight. “So happy my boy came to see me work,” he proudly captioned the photo, in which father and son smile arm in arm for the camera. Becker is shown in a dark blue suit, while Elias is casually dressed in jeans, a hoodie and a hat. The 23-year-old comes from Becker’s marriage (1993-2001) to Barbara Becker (56), as does his son Noah Becker (29).

Becker celebrated his TV comeback in mid-January, just a few weeks after his release. In the run-up to the first issue of “Matchball Becker”, he had already demonstrated on his Instagram account how hot he was about his return in front of the camera: “Finally the time has come. I’m back and can pursue my passion – Document tennis, talk about tennis!”

Together with commentator and moderator Matthias Stach (60), he is on the air every day to classify the matches from Melbourne and events Down Under and to present the highlights of the tournament day.