Among the many works celebrating their world premiere at the Berlinale on Sunday, the documentary “Boom! Boom! The World vs. Boris Becker” is likely to receive the most attention. Around two months after his early release from prison, tennis legend Boris Becker (55) accompanied by director Alex Gibney (69) and producer John Battsek (59) appeared at the press conference in the capital on Sunday.

Becker showed up in a black pinstripe suit, under which he wore a white turtleneck sweater. He also chose a pair of black loafers and had his reddish-blond hair cut short. Together with Gibney and Battsek, the tennis star answered journalists’ questions.

For him it was “a privilege and a challenge” to make this film, of which he was “very proud”, said Becker. For him, the documentary is “a matter of the heart”: “Have I made mistakes? Of course I have. But name me someone who hasn’t made any mistakes. The difference: My mistakes are immediately reported around the world.”

Director and Oscar winner Alex Gibney revealed in Berlin that he was a “Boris fan”. The tennis star is “also a storyteller who can tell his own story”. The documentary “Boom! Boom! The World vs. Boris Becker”, which will later be shown on the Apple TV streaming service, is to be shown in the Veri Music Hall after the press conference.

On the one hand, the film sheds light on Becker’s successful career, who won Wimbledon at the age of only 17 and has won 49 titles, including six Grand Slams and an Olympic gold medal. On the other hand, it is also about Becker’s “sometimes turbulent private life”, according to a press release from Apple TV at the end of 2022.

Becker gave Gibney several personal interviews, including one during the week of his sentencing. In a brief preview clip on Apple TV, Becker tearfully talks about not wanting to “hide or run” and that he will accept any judgment. In addition, the documentary shows interviews with close family members and tennis stars such as John McEnroe (64), Björn Borg (66), Novak Djokovic (35), Mats Wilander (58) and Michael Stich (54).