On the 90th birthday of the writer Uwe Johnson (1934-1984) next year, actor Charly Hübner and presenter Caren Miosga will present his novel “Anniversaries”. Together with Ninon Gloger on the piano, the two will take a journey through the narrative stream of the 1,875-page novel on the stage of the St. Pauli Theater on September 29th and 30th, the theater in Hamburg announced. Further dates are planned in Rostock. The unabridged reading will be available in stores from October 12th.

In the four-part novel “Anniversaries”, the protagonist Gesine Cresspahl tells her ten-year-old daughter Marie about her own family history. Life in Mecklenburg in the Weimar Republic, during the Nazi rule, in the Soviet occupation zone and the first years in the GDR until the suppression of the Prague Spring in August 1968.

At the same time, the novel describes the everyday life of mother and daughter in the metropolis of New York, where they emigrated in the 1950s, in the epoch year 1967/1968. In “Anniversaries” Uwe Johnson unfolds a unique panorama of German history in the 20th century – a “reading world trip” into the eventful New York present of 1968 and at the same time into the story of a German family in the fictional small town of Jerichow in Mecklenburg.