Louanne Ward from Perth Australia works as a dating and relationship coach. Her clients are mostly women over 30. A critical age in the dating scene. The non-binding youth is coming to an end and many then want to switch to something serious with future prospects. In order to find your way through the endless supply of dating apps, you have to know which type suits you and which type you belong to, says Ward. Taking to Instagram, she asks, “Do you know your true dating/relationship pattern? Like it or not, your dating type has influenced every relationship you’ve been in… and it’s also the thing that draws you in .” For better or for worse. Each corresponds to one of the five basic patterns, Ward is convinced.

the parent

You could also say the paternal or maternal type. This archetype comes across as a strong person and ready to take on responsibility. But also tends to want to educate the partner. The downside of being responsible. The “parent types” of both sexes tend to over-extend themselves. Investing more in the relationship than the other part. Then they feel drained and taken advantage of when the other person doesn’t take care of them in return.

The swing

Either full throttle or brake. There is little in between. Relationships usually start out euphoric, but interest quickly wanes. Long-term relationships are problematic with this basic pattern. So keep your hands off. It becomes difficult when you yourself belong to the flash in the pan category.

The or the captain

Ward: “Whether unknowingly or not, the captains love to take the lead and achieve their goals.” That looks convincing. Finally someone who knows what he wants and doesn’t let himself be irritated. But Ward cautions that captains aren’t just so single-minded when it comes to data. It may happen that there are other guidelines in their universe. Ward: “A captain doesn’t let a relationship distract him from his primary goals, whether those goals are professional or personal.”

A love enthusiast

This guy loves love above all and not necessarily the person. The treacherous thing about the pattern: the excitement is real and not fake, but that feeling doesn’t last long. “Despite the nice name, this type is always heartbreaking and often shows itself in the form of philanthropy,” says Ward. This type of people is not always honest, which often leads to ugly situations.

The breadwinner

The breadwinner loves to take care of other people and help them. The problem? The breadwinner becomes the repair shop for broken guys. Louanne Ward advises the worrying guy to find someone who can actually get the hang of it after the repair.

On her website she offers a quiz to find out what type you are.

In another post, she warns her female clientele not to focus her energies on two types of men who have very different motives but are unsuitable for serious intentions because they will remain alone forever. At a certain age, women will encounter the “perpetual bachelor,” Ward warns. His motives are honorable. “These guys are usually successful, handsome,” but they’ve never been married or it’s been a long time, according to Louanne Ward. These men welcome a new acquaintance and are just as willing to go out together. But they are voluntarily single and have been for a while and have no intention of giving up this life.

“If you ask them about getting married, they’re like, ‘Oh yeah, I would do that sometime in the future,'” Ward says. But that time will never come. More annoying is the player, he won’t commit either, but he loves to fool women. He usually has charisma and looks good. But he only cares about the conquest. “Don’t fool yourself about it,” she warns her followers. Once the player has what he wants, he will move on. The player does not have a guilty conscience. The expert notes that the men are “pretty proud” of their bad reputation.

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