Oktoberfest 2023 is just around the corner. To ensure that our traditional costume comes into its own, the right accessories are a must. This year there is extravagance when it comes to shoes and blouses. When it comes to jewelry, however, things can be more subtle. An overview of the trendiest Oktoberfest accessories in 2023.

Deep necklines, lots of lace, wide puff sleeves, cap sleeves, but also short flounces are popular when it comes to blouses this year. Dirndl designer Kinga Mathe can confirm this. “This year we will see cut-out blouses, lots of lace, but also blouses with cap sleeves,” she reveals in an interview with spot on news. “Incredibly exciting connections are made between classic elements and modern sophistication, which make the whole thing so interesting.”

Delicate gold or silver chains with a small pendant are the perfect Oktoberfest accessory this year. Layering, i.e. wearing multiple necklaces, is also permitted. Trendy chokers, such as tight-fitting collars, are still used. But here too it can remain subtle. When it comes to earrings, we recommend creoles or small stud earrings that add light glamour.

When the weather is sunny, women like to wear the good old ballerina shoes. This year, fashion lovers are increasingly wearing models with a pointed shape made of suede. Not only do they look elegant, they also optically stretch the leg.

Since it is well known that it tends to rain at the Oktoberfest, you should also have sturdy shoes in your closet. Chelsea boots with a high shaft in dark brown, burgundy red or black go well with every dirndl. If you’re a little braver, you can also wear cool cowboy boots. These are available in a wide variety of colors and form a casual contrast to the traditional dirndl.