Bill Kaulitz (34) became a star at a young age as the singer of Tokio Hotel. Almost 20 years have now passed since the hit “Through the Monsoon” was first released. Kaulitz talks to “Icon” about, among other things, his current fears and the fact that he has a problem with intimacy.

Kaulitz has been in the spotlight for a large part of his life. “I have the biggest problem with intimacy,” he says. This is because he was under observation from an early age. The singer always feels more comfortable with people and cameras than being alone with someone – even when it comes to romance. “I can’t allow any real intimacy; I have difficulty opening up,” says the now 34-year-old.

One fear Kaulitz has is “that I won’t find a partner in life and will remain alone.” Of course he has a great family, but he also believes “we humans are made to be with other people. I would like a wedding, a great partner by my side. Who knows if that will happen.”

Perhaps the term “fear” is too exaggerated in this context, Kaulitz backtracks. He is more afraid for his twin brother Tom than for himself: “If something were to happen to Tom, that would be the worst thing for me.”

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