Dolly Alderton is about to take a sip of coffee when she sees a FedEx driver cycling past. “Oh, sorry, the package is for me!” She jumps up from the park bench and runs towards the messenger, waving. Conveniently, it’s almost right on her doorstep in the London district of Islington.

A few minutes later she arrives grinning contentedly, her long, blonde hair disheveled with her bangs. Her T-shirt bears the imprint “Katz’s Delikatessen”, a cult New York restaurant famous for its pastrami sandwiches. “The driver looked good! Look, the curls are cute.” She follows the dark-haired, curly-haired cyclist with her eyes until a dog runs past. “Oh, he looks like a little fox! Come here, little puppy!” She holds out her hand for the dog to sniff. “I want a dog too. But my life won’t be ruined until I have a child,” she says harshly. A short time later, she proudly shows photos on her cell phone of her toddler godchildren.

Dolly Alderton is one of Britain’s most successful writers. Her third book, “Dear Dolly. The best answers to the most important questions in life,” has just been published in Germany after “Everything I know about love” and “Ghosts.” It is a collection of her best advice columns, which she writes for the British Sunday Times. The name “sorry box aunt,” as she calls herself, doesn’t do her justice. That sounds like a journalist that teenage girls on Bravo turn to when they fear they’ve gotten pregnant from holding hands. Alderton is more than that.

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