The actor and former “Tatort” star Bernd Michael Lade (58) apparently suffered greatly from the separation from his ex-wife and colleague Maria Simon (47). He openly admitted this in a relentless interview with “Bild am Sonntag”. He also revealed: “I’m broke.” Blame it on his new film “The Witness”. He wrote, directed and acted in front of the camera for the drama, which premieres on February 28. Despite the financial bottleneck, he is proud of the result. His ex-wife Simon, with whom he has three children, will also appear in the film.

However, there is currently radio silence between the two, as the actor emphasizes: “If I’m being completely honest: I’ve just had the biggest crisis of my life.” In addition to Simon’s divorce in 2021, his parents also died during the Corona crisis. He then “slid past the depression by a hair’s breadth”. The end of his “beautiful world” and the death of his parents would have “really wrecked” him. “Being together with Maria and the children was wonderful. It hurts deeply that it’s over now,” continues Lade. But slowly he sees more clearly again. He is grateful to his ex-wife and proud that “everything was managed”: “We really rocked.” The two were married for around 16 years.

Lade, who played the “crime scene” commissioner in Dresden alongside Peter Sodann (86) for 15 years until 2007, still seems to be hanging on to his old role: “I really loved it and I have to admit: I miss the ‘crime scene’.” It was a “good time” back then and he would do it again immediately. With the “Tatort” fee he financed his directing studies and then even had money left over. After the end of the crime series, it became quieter about Lade. But: “At the same time, I also liked being a househusband and father and I wholeheartedly gave Maria that she was so busy.” While his ex-wife was away for her films, he took care of the children.