Paris Hilton (42) revealed in an interview with “Harper’s Bazaar” that as a young woman she questioned her sexuality and considered herself asexual. “I was known as a sex symbol, but anything sexual scared me.” The hotel heiress attributes this to traumatic experiences. On the one hand, according to her own statement, she was sexually abused by employees during her time at a boarding school, on the other hand, in 2004, a sex tape of her and an ex-boyfriend was published against her will. As a result, Hilton felt self-conscious from her 20s and just liked “making out. A lot of my relationships failed because of it.”

It was only with her husband Carter Reum that she found a new kind of trust and was able to put the long list of exes and a few engagements behind her. “It’s only since him that I’m not like that anymore. I feel like after all the hell I’ve been through, I’m finally getting what I deserve, which is someone I can trust and build a real life with can.” Reum, who she met at a friend’s Thanksgiving gathering in 2019, said she was different from her exes. “He’s not famous. He’s smart. He comes from a nice family. He’s a good person. Just the opposite of what I was used to when I was looking for men.”

The it girl and the entrepreneur have been a couple since 2019 and married in November 2021. A few weeks ago, they proudly announced that their first child together was born. They were given a boy by surrogate mother, as the two first revealed to the US magazine “People”. “I want to protect him and be with him every second,” Hilton raved about her son in the “Harper’s Bazaar” interview. “You have this maternal instinct kicking in that I’ve never had before. I feel complete now.”

The couple kept their pregnancy a secret for a long time. Wearing a brunette wig, hoodie and under a false name, Hilton visited the hospital on the day her son was born, as she continues in the interview. “We decided we wanted this whole experience to ourselves.” So the couple locked themselves with their offspring for two days in their house in Beverly Hills and enjoyed the time together. Even the closest family members only found out about the birth shortly before the announcement on Instagram.