In the most recent “Beat the Star” issue (August 19, ProSieben), the film stars and longtime friends Heiner Lauterbach (70, “Advanced Grandchildren”) and Uwe Ochsenknecht (67, “Bundschuh Family”) faced each other.

After a colorful mix of 15 action, knowledge and skill games, the score (60:60) in the live show did not result in a winner. It was only after the deciding game “cup hopping” – a paper cup had to be maneuvered from the edge of the table into another cup – that it was clear at 1:40 a.m. on Sunday morning that Uwe Ochsenknecht, who had chosen Mallorca, could take home the prize money of 100,000 euros.

This heart-stopping finale also made the actor’s companions happy. His son Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht (31) and his fiancĂ©, racing driver Laura Marie Geissler (25), had traveled to Cologne, as the 31-year-old showed on Instagram. Another story showed the 25-year-old looking around the studio in amazement. After the finale it was just “Yeeeeess”.

But there was more to celebrate: “One year – no matter what they say” (Eng. “One year – no matter what they say”), wrote Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht for a bouquet and an engagement ring drawing. He was referring to the engagement he and his girlfriend celebrated a year ago on the sidelines of his sister Cheyenne Ochsenknecht’s (23) wedding to Nino Sifkovits.

Speaking of which, Cheyenne and Nino also celebrated their wedding anniversary first in a Panasian Dinner Club in Graz and then in a party location. In addition to friends, her brother, actor Wilson Gonzales Ochsenknecht (33, “Das Boot”), was also at the start. But they didn’t forget their dad. “Yessssss!!!!!” The 23-year-old commented on a short “Beat the Star” clip.