“Beat the Star” became a duel between comedians on Saturday evening (September 30th): Michael Mittermeier (57) and Olaf Schubert (55) competed against each other live on the ProSieben broadcast. In the end, Olaf Schubert lived up to his role as favorite and clearly triumphed after 13 games with 29:62. The show was over after five hours and 34 minutes at 1:49 a.m. The comedian was delighted to receive 100,000 euros in prize money. As usual, Elton (52) led the evening, with Ron Ringguth (57) commentating.

“Congratulations to the well-deserved winner Olaf Schubert,” wrote opponent Mittermeier on Instagram after the show. “After a difficult start for me, it turned out to be a good, fun fight. Cheers to Pullunder-Man.” Olaf Schubert is happy about the victory: “It was sporty, uplifting, even dramatic at times, but combined with a subtle pinch of cheerfulness. And so the victory spiced up a successful leisure event overall. Much better than shoveling coal,” he said in one Press release quoted.

Schubert got into the duel spectacularly: the comedian won the first six games in a row. Mittermeier was only able to catch up in the seventh game of “Road Tennis” and then win two more rounds. In the last game “Bet, 10!” Olaf Schubert ultimately won and won the show.

In the next edition of “Schlag den Star” on November 4th, Tom Beck (45) will compete against Axel Stein (41).