Actress Nicole Eggert (52), known for her role as lifeguard Summer Quinn in the television series “Baywatch”, will know only too well what Princess Kate (42), who is suffering from cancer, is currently going through. She was only diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2023, and a little later it was discovered that it had also affected her lymph nodes.

Before starting chemotherapy, she decided to ditch her hair and shaved herself bald in front of the camera. On March 15, she posted this video to her Instagram channel and wrote, “Maybe healing isn’t so much about changing ourselves but allowing ourselves to be who we are.”

After learning of the British princess’s shocking cancer diagnosis on March 22, she issued a supportive statement to TMZ magazine, including her own experiences with the disease. She opened this with the words: “I can really sympathize with Kate, her children are still very young. And honestly, that’s the hardest part.”

She is sure that Kate and Prince William (41) are great parents and will show the necessary sensitivity when talking to their children. From her own experience with her daughters Keegan (12) and Dilyn (26), she knows how terrible it is to see your own child suffer from such news. Dealing with the cancer diagnosis yourself is one thing, but conveying it to children is a “completely different matter”.

With this illness you can still make plans, but you have to know that the illness can completely destroy these plans. At the end of the day, it is no longer a personal decision, but a question of how the body reacts: “The disease may have other plans.”

The actress ended her warm-hearted statement with best wishes for her well-being and wished her a lot of strength and courage for the coming time.