Morning dawns in the second episode of “Battle of the Reality Stars” (Wednesdays at 8:15 p.m. on RTLzwei and RTL). Calvin Kleinen (32) would still like to cuddle in bed. When she got up from bed, Elsa Latifaj (19), who happened to be nearby, became a “cuddle victim”. Elsa has a different understanding of physical contact. She ties him up with tape. The other celebrities think the idea is sweet, only Maurice raises moral concerns. After all, Elsa has a boyfriend.

Supplies on the beach: The “new old” (self-description) Jenny Elvers (51) arrives. “Hide the alcohol,” shouts Kevin Schäfer (34), alluding to the past of the great mother of the German It girls. Ben Tewaag (47) is happy to finally know someone. After all, Kevin sold Jenny clothes ten years ago. And complains because she didn’t tip him.

After Jenny, Aleks Petrovic (32) follows Maurice Dziwak (25), the next “Summer House of the Stars” participant who wants to clear his image in “Battle of the Reality Stars”. Although he doesn’t seem to really regret his sometimes toxic partner behavior in the summer house. Instead, he complains that he’s having a hard time as a “masculine man” these days. “Sommerhaus” rival Maurice is trembling because of Aleks’ decision-making power over expulsion. “I’ll be out soon,” he murmurs. At least the would-be alpha males shake hands in greeting.

In the first game of the episode, Aleks and Maurice meet each other. The stars compete against each other in teams of three. One of them has to slip into a large ball filled with air and studded with pennants. Then it goes into the clinch, you have to tear off as many of your opponent’s pennants as possible. There are complicated words on them, some spelled correctly, some incorrectly. In the second step, all three teammates have to divide words into correct and incorrect.

Aleks clearly prevails against Maurice. The loser is so exhausted that he vomits. The cycle is collapsed. When it comes to guessing terms, “old” Jenny impresses with her solid spelling skills. Just old school. Ben, the oldest in the Sala after Jenny, also claims this knowledge for himself. He organizes the words on his own and doesn’t even seek the opinion of his teammates Calvin and Elsa.

This backfires. Team Ben ends up at the back. The trio of Kevin, Keno Veith (42) and Cecilia Asoro (28) performed best. The winning team is exempt from punishment. The punishment initially sounds like a reward. Whenever Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” is played, the celebrities have to go to the executive suite for the champagne party. But at some point the fun stops, the constant climbing of stairs gets in your legs and the champagne gets in your head. When Vivaldi comes on in the middle of the night, Ben initially refuses and then smokes in the sala. A violation of the rules that he accompanies with a finger pointed at the camera. The “little punk” (Jenny about Ben) is about to explode.

Calvin and Elsa get closer in the pool. “Are we on ‘Temptation Island’?” asks Aleks, who has experience with the TV loyalty test. Cecilia sees Calvin “wagging his tail” through his boxer shorts. Or is the tail wagging the dog? In any case, with Calvin all thinking stops. He keeps forgetting that Elsa has a boyfriend. He pulls their beds together for the night. Elsa also forgets her friend. In any case, she and Calvin get suspiciously close in the makeshift double bed.

The next morning the bombshell drops: Calvin and Elsa actually had sex. As presumably the first couple in the history of “Battle of the Reality Stars”. Yeliz Koc and Paco Herb had still denied sexual intercourse in 2022 despite suspicious movements under the blanket.

Proll-Casanova Calvin doesn’t have a bad conscience. Elsa mutters something like “it just happened”, the classic. In the interview, she actually breaks up with her boyfriend in tears. Only now, months after the recording, is he finding out what really happened. Moralist Maurice rages at Elsa’s “dishonor”. He also counts Calvin, but tends to target the woman. Calvin suspects that Maurice is jealous of him because he also got along well with Elsa.

On the “Wall of Truth” the stars have to assess who has the worst image according to the audience. Calvin and Elsa’s sex escapade is not yet included in the rating. Aleks lands in front of alt-punk Ben. As punishment, he has to carry around a cardboard cutout of his ex-girlfriend Christina Dimitriou (32). He cheated on them on “Temptation Island”.

The next “asshole game” (Jenny) follows. Each celebrity has to nominate two colleagues for a “wheel of misfortune”. The couple chosen by the wheel receives two envelopes. In one there is something good, in the other there is something bad. Of course, Maurice chooses the dishonorable Elsa, who escalates completely (“Fucked up wanker”). Then karma strikes, the wheel of fate chooses Maurice and Valencia. Maurice receives the envelope that gives him a ticket to the next round. He thanks the “Reality God” that decency has prevailed.

Valencia, on the other hand, is not allowed to play the safety game to secure themselves. In teams of two, they have to classify historical events on a timeline – from the moon landing to the birthday of “Battle of the Reality Stars” presenter Cathy Hummels (36). The fact that some stars don’t even know what an “event” is makes things difficult. Calvin at least knows that schools are named after Konrad Adenauer. When the Second World War ended, but not. Cecilia is at a loss as to when the Berlin Wall “fell over”. Elsa and Keno don’t even know their presenter, Cathy Hummels.

This time Ben is convincing, together with Tanja Tischewitsch (34) he wins the game. The shaky candidate Ben is therefore safe from being thrown out. Newbies Aleks and Jenny’s dishonor hits one person who, according to Jenny, can handle it the most: Valencia. She sees it differently. “Have fun with the proles,” says the “passionate millionaire” as she says goodbye.