Everyone awake? Silva Gonzalez (44) starts episode four of “Battle of the Reality Stars” (Wednesdays at 8:15 p.m. on RTLzwei and RTL) with a morning latte, which fortunately can only be seen in hints on TV. The Hot Bandito is happy, after all, a morning boner is no longer a given for him in his middle age.

Then a woman arrives on the Thai star beach who is already past middle age: Annemie Herren (60). The sister of Willi Herren (1975-2021) and aunt of Alessia Herren (22) is already the third from the Cologne clan to appear in “Battle of the Reality Stars”. She cries several times out of emotion that she can now be here too. Calvin Kleinen (32) is happy about his adopted aunt, while Maurice Dziwak (25) has “motherly feelings”.

C-celebrity Silva is not very enthusiastic about the arrival of Z-celebrity Annemie. “Now the candidates are coming,” he grumbles. The next participant is even further from middle age. It’s Lilo von Kiesenwetter: almost 70, ex-hippie and seer. Not a fortune teller, she values ​​this distinction.

Another “patient” in the “autumn of life” complains Silva and appoints Calvin as a “geriatric nurse”. The fact that the singer is no longer physically fit is evident when he jumps into the pool wearing transparent underwear. “Like a grandpa on vacation,” says Lilo.

The punishment game is a classic from “Battle of the Reality Stars”. In teams of three, the celebrities have to build a house out of different colored Lego bricks. The first person has to send the construction plans to the second person via telephone. He in turn briefs the third person who has to put the stones together. A grotesquely difficult task that would be almost impossible to solve even for above-average intelligent and balanced people.

It’s not just Elsa Latifaj (19) who has a right-left weakness. As expected, Cecilia Asoro (28) and Maurice chatter on the phone. No team even comes close to accomplishing the task. The sentence, which they could have shortened, affects them for a full 24 hours. The voices of the cult candidates Claudia Obert (62), Kader Loth (51) and Cosimo Citiolo (42) are heard again and again on a continuous loop from the tape. They only fall silent when the stars find a cardboard cutout of the person in question hidden on the premises.

Meanwhile, Silva continues to make himself unpopular. When Calvin cleans the pool, he receives a poisonous compliment from the singer: “Aside from drinking and smoking and hitting on women, he also does something sensible.” He sticks out his bare ass to Kevin Schäfer (34) without being asked.

This time, on the “Wall of Truth,” the celebrities don’t have to anticipate the audience’s vote, but rather put themselves in an order: Who is the broadcast time master? It’s not without reason that Maurice sees himself as the biggest entertainer on the show. He actually felt like he generated most of the airtime. But his colleagues want to put Calvin ahead of Maurice. Although, according to Maurice, it doesn’t represent anything other than his flirtation with Elsa.

The situation escalates completely. According to Isi Glück (33), Maurice behaves “like a little child”. Elsa reacts to Maurice’s attacks with insults that are bleeped out by the director. Camp (grand)mother Lilo stands up, she is shocked by the “anti-social” behavior of her roommates. Elsa later confirms that she won’t use swear words anymore.

Calvin, Maurice and Isi end up at the front of the “Wall of Truth”. As a reward (or punishment) they have to choose a star: Maurice of course wants to get rid of Elsa, but Calvin obviously doesn’t have that as an option. As a compromise, she chooses Keno Veith (42), who supposedly doesn’t provide enough entertainment. The East Frisian must leave immediately.

The safety game is RTLzwei’s homage to “I’m a star – get me out of here!” of the parent station. The stars don’t have to swallow bush pig sperm, but they do have to swallow Asian specialties that are unfamiliar to Western palates, such as coriander, jellyfish and thousand-year-old eggs. The “barf fruit” durian, known from the jungle camp, is also there.

Whoever swallows the food can dive for stars in the slime pool. You can then distribute them to competitors. Anyone who has three stars is out. Aleks Petrovic (32) delivers brilliantly. He overcomes himself with all the specialties and fishes the most stars out of the pool every time.

In the first round, Aleks immediately kicks out his arch-rival Maurice and his supporter Silva. Maurice once again shows himself to be a bad loser, calling Aleks a “cowardly, false rat”. Aleks wins the game clearly and deservedly. He is thus safe from being voted out.

On the way back to the Sala, things escalate completely between Aleks and Maurice, who had made peace in the last episode. Aleks calls Maurice a loser and he insults his rival in the worst possible way. Aleks briefly loses the self-control that he demonstrated so well in the game. He runs towards Maurice, security intervenes. But Aleks contents himself with squirting water from his bottle towards Maurice.

At the camp, Maurice delivers a monologue worthy of a mad emperor of the caliber of Nero. He compares himself to Julius Caesar and promises to never give up. Later he apologizes half-heartedly to Aleks – but only because Silva prompts him to apologize word for word.

The hour of decision is upon us – and Maurice is about to be thrown out. But the new ones Annemie and Lilo give the self-proclaimed emperor a second chance. Instead, they threw Jenny Elvers (51) out. She is said to have once spoken badly about the family in an interview with Willi Herren’s widow Jasmin (45). It’s all just a misunderstanding, says Jenny. But the decision stands.

But surely the other reality stars are voting against Maurice in their shambles? No. Aleks is generous and wants to continue to humiliate his arch-enemy on the field. The colleagues pounce on Silva instead of Maurice. Calvin shoves his old people’s home rule in his face, which Silva shamelessly denies. Lilo and Annemie are horrified and seem to regret their decision against Jenny. Kevin gives his coin to Silva for his naked ass action. Silva finally gets the ejection he almost begged for.