The fourth season of “Kampf der Realitystars” started a bit tame, but in the second episode (Wednesday, 8:15 p.m. on RTLzwei, also on RTL), the makers start the next stage of the rocket. Thanks to two explosive newcomers and a diabolical move.

“Danger from afar,” suspects Manni Ludolf (60) when the first boat arrives. Not wrong. It brings Eva Benetatou (31). The former “Bachelor” candidate is well known for trash TV trouble. Eva wants to compete against a trauma in the sala. In the second season of “Battle of the Reality Stars”, her then partner Chris Broy (33) allegedly tied up with fellow candidate Jenefer Riili – and shortly afterwards left Eva, who was pregnant at the time.

The next boat, on the other hand, is empty – or almost. Instead of a new candidate, it only has a picture with the likeness of Giulia Siegel (48) on board. The model/presenter/DJ will come later. What the reality stars don’t suspect: Giulia is already there, secretly following the show from the editorial office that was newly set up this season.

Eva immediately falls into the perfidious trap. When the celebrities on the “Truth Wall” have to rank the candidates in descending order of their honesty, she insists that Giulia be listed at the top. She follows it from the background, not only does Giulia’s cigarette glow with this greeting.

When Giulia then officially enters the sala, she lets the roommates grope in the dark. Only later does the bomb explode. The air seems to burn between the two newcomers. Tension increases when Giulia accuses Eva of denying her ex Chris access to their son. Eva rejects this and the impossible happens: the women are reconciled.

The conflict between Eva and Giulia determines the first half of the episode, in the second part it is Serkan Yavuz (29) against Daniel Schmidt (39). The reason: Daniel had revealed in the finale of the first episode that Serkan was on his hit list because he could cope well with being selected. Daniel hadn’t considered that Serkan took a fee of only one euro to be able to be there and that being kicked out would be a super meltdown for him. Serkan resents this ignorance. Unforgiving.

In the punishment game, Daniel and Serkan can still avoid each other. You compete in different teams in mini-games. Serkan scores with encyclopedic “Bachelor” knowledge, but his team still loses. As punishment, it has to be on call in the editorial office all night long.

In the safety game, the brawlers cannot avoid communication. You have to form a trio with Sarah Knappik (36). And communication plays an important role in the challenge. One competitor must give instructions to the other over the phone for the construction of three ladders. The recipient must in turn relay this message to the person assembling the shelf. Middleman Serkan just yells at Daniel as the last link in the chain.

Despite these weaknesses, Sarah, Serkan and Daniel get the furthest on the task. Because with the other teams, communication is even worse. The team of Paul Janke (41), Antonia Hemmer (22) and Uschi Hopf (81) failed mainly because of the hearing problems of the senior Uschi. In the case of Daisy Dee (52), Matthias Mangiapane (39) and Manni, the latter is the main problem.

Since Sarah, Serkan and Daniel have solved the task best, but not completely, only one can protect himself from being selected. Daniel had already suggested in advance that Serkan would get his vote in this case. But he is so offended that he turns down the offer from the Reeperbahn bartender. The team eventually agrees that Sarah is safe.

Eva and Giulia, who as newcomers have to decide on the exit, didn’t have Sarah in their sights anyway. They had zeroed in on Daisy and Uschi for more or less understandable reasons. It finally gets to Daisy. The Dutchwoman was popular as a camp mother – Paul cries bitter tears after her departure – but she sees for herself that she didn’t show enough.