Opulent – that’s the best way to describe this current nail design trend. Baroque nails will conquer the beauty scene in autumn 2023. The trendy nail design stands for splendor, gold and lush colors and shapes. Inspired by the Baroque art era from the 17th century, autumn can be welcomed with a large portion of extravagance with Baroque nails.

The visual characteristics of the Baroque are unmistakable. The era stands for opulent splendor and extravagance. Gemstones, rich colors such as dark purple-red and golden accents are included. These elements are transferred to the nails to create the baroque look. Nail design enthusiasts use rich, bold nail polish colors reminiscent of royal robes and add gold accents to reflect the splendor of the Baroque period.

Instead of expensive gemstones, simple rhinestones can also be used, which makes the overall look easier on the wallet. These sparkling details give the nails a touch of luxury and glamor. Eye-catching ornaments such as vine patterns, flowers or baroque decorations are placed on the nails using rhinestones to imitate the opulent style of the baroque.

An important principle of the Baroque is “more is more” – as you can see, for example, in the nail designs of Blake Lively’s nail designer Elle Gerstein. This also applies to trendy nail designs. Each individual nail becomes a work of art in itself, with rich details and decorations. Metallic nail polish helps to emphasize the gloss and luxury of the baroque. The sparkling rhinestones that are attached to the nails give the overall picture an additional dimension and attract attention.

If you prefer something less conspicuous, you don’t have to miss out on the baroque trend on your nails. Instead of ostentatious colors, soft pastel colors can be used, which allow the baroque elements to fade into the background. Delicate gold elements instead of rich embellishments create a more subtle, yet elegant look.

Baroque nails are definitely a statement of luxury and opulence. They are reminiscent of an era in which pomp and excess were celebrated in art and life. Whether you choose an extravagant version with gemstones and eye-catching embellishments or prefer a more subtle option, baroque nails are definitely an eye-catcher and show that nail design can be a form of art that creatively reflects history and culture.