The jewelry has been in her closet or in the basement since 1980, Marianne Müller explains her visit to “Bares für Rares”. An heirloom that she never wore and now wants to sell in silver. The Hamburg native brought her friend Petra Kellermann to the Pulheim rolling mill to strengthen her.

But she didn’t need any support – because the jewelry she brought speaks for itself. Heide Rezepa-Zabel is enthusiastic about the ring, the necklace and the two earrings. According to the expert, it is a compilation based on similar design features. The collection can be summarized as “grain decoration”, explains Rezepa-Zabel, “because a lot of grains adorn the surface”.

Despite the exuberant expertise, Marianne Müller is modest when it comes to her desired price: “I have no idea about it,” says the pensioner. “One hunni apiece.” That would be 400 euros. But the two earrings are worth more, as the art expert reveals. The saleswoman can hardly hide her joy: “Petra, pinch me,” says the woman. Overall, Rezepa-Zabel estimates the total value at 1250 to 1450 euros. “She told me to send it to ‘Bares for Rares’,” says Marianne Müller. “I wouldn’t have done that!”

“Oh, a very nice set,” exclaims Esther Ollick as she examines the jewelry in the dealer’s room. “Very nice!” And Julian Schmitz-Avila greets the two ladies with the words “You bring sparkle to our room!” and starts with 400 euros. In a three-way battle with Ollick and Elke Velten-Tönnies, the price rises to a four-digit number. Ultimately, Velten-Tönnies was awarded the contract for 1100 euros.

Not a bad price considering that Marianne Müller would have been satisfied with 400 euros. The woman also leaves the show with a corresponding satisfaction: “It has become more than I wanted.”

Source: “Bares for Rares” in the ZDF media library

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