Annett Schadeberg brought something very special to “Cash for Rares”: The 48-year-old logistician from Menden in the Sauerland would like to sell a uniform jacket of the Red Hussars. It has been in the family for 150 years – a photo with her great-great-grandfather proves this.

“Oh, Militaria”, calls Horst Lichter when entering the studio. However, Sven Deutschmanek doesn’t feel like talking, he wants to concentrate on the object. The expert first looks at the attached photo, which shows the reserves of the 1st Squadron of the Guard Hussar Regiment from 1874, 1875 and 1878.

He then explains some of the special features of the uniform. It is a tunic called Attila. The buttons show the Prussian eagle. The expert suspects that the jacket was sewn in 1870. The saleswoman would like 700 euros for the picture and uniform. This is confirmed by Deutschmanek, who estimates the world at 600 to 700 euros.

In the dealer’s room, Fabian Kahl first sniffs the uniform extensively. “It doesn’t smell either,” says the 31-year-old, who was looking for traces of moisture, mothballs or anything else. She tells the dealers her family story and proudly shows her great-great-grandfather in the photo.

Fabian Kahl starts with 200 euros. Several dealers drive the price up to 500 euros. But Schadeberg doesn’t want to sell for that yet. Christian Vechtel then increases the amount to 550 euros. This is how business ultimately happens. “I think they’re great! I’d wear them too,” Susanne Steiger congratulates her colleagues on the deal.

Watch the video: “Cash for Rares”: Exciting and curious facts about the junk show on ZDF.

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