This year too, Barbara Schöneberger (50) will lead the countdown to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö, Sweden. The presenter once again caused a stir with an unusual outfit. In the show, which was shown on Erste from 8:15 p.m. on Saturday evening (May 11th), Schöneberger wore a pink and orange off-shoulder mini dress with an oversized sleeve.

Online, viewers are making wild comparisons, including that Schöneberger’s dress reminds them of a “termite tent” or a “candy saleswoman.” “Barbara Schöneberger is moving forward. The bad taste party of the year has started,” writes one user on the platform “

“What is Barbara Schöneberger hiding in her right shoulder?” asks a viewer. Another user, however, reminds Schöneberger’s outfit of “my grandma’s sofa set”. Another thinks he recognizes a product from a famous Swedish furniture store: “What kind of Ikea bed linen did Schöneberger wrap around?”

But Schöneberger is also self-ironic, as one user recognizes: “Barbara Schöneberger actually said in her moderation that she still had a trump card up her sleeve without having to laugh.” At the end of the show, the presenter joked again about her dress: “We’re excited, just like the zipper on my dress.”

In “ESC – The Countdown”, Barbara Schöneberger voted the TV audience together with the German ESC participant from 2018, Michael Schulte (34), the Austrian TV presenter Arabella Kiesbauer (55) and the Swiss ESC participant from last year, Remo Forrer (22) responded to the music event. Immediately after the finale, which begins at 9 p.m., Schöneberger returns with “ESC – The Aftershow” to celebrate the winning act and the highlights of the evening. The final itself will be commented on live from Malmö for the first time this year by radio presenter Thorsten Schorn (48).

In the ARD media library, fans can either stream the supporting shows via Das Erste, or access both “ESC – The Countdown” and “ESC – The Aftershow” separately.