Band shirts are no longer just in the wardrobes of true music fans. Since then, fashion chains like H

Despite criticism from music fans that band shirts are becoming less important due to commercialization, numerous stars and bloggers have used their outfits to advertise musicians in the past. The fact that some of them couldn’t even name a song by the respective band seemed secondary at first – because it was the look that counted. These six band shirts were able to conquer the fashion world and have become part of numerous street styles.

According to the online music magazine “Loudwire”, T-shirts by the band AC/DC are among the most popular. A survey from 2021 showed that over 21 percent of respondents own at least one top with the band name. Stars like Victoria Beckham (49) and Kendall Jenner (28) have also presented the unmistakable logo with a lightning bolt between the letters C and D on their chests in public.

One of the most popular band shirt motifs is the famous Rolling Stones tongue, as “The Independent” reports. The cult band around frontman Mick Jagger (80) still enjoys great popularity across all generations today. In 2023, their latest album “Hackney Diamonds” made it to number one in the German album charts. Not surprisingly, the Stones hype is also reflected in the fashion industry. Famous band shirt wearers include Paris Hilton (42) and Miley Cyrus (31).

In 2015, The Independent wrote that the Ramones T-shirt had become a ubiquitous item of clothing. However, this also meant that the world-famous design only had a weak connection to the music of the American punk band. There are numerous street styles on the internet in which the band shirt can be styled from casual to elegant. Fergie (48) and Lindsay Lohan (37) already showed off their cool Ramones look.

The band Nirvana sued designer Marc Jacobs (60) in 2019 because he used the band’s iconic smiley logo for one of his collections. In 2023, the luxury fashion label Yves Saint Laurent offered Nirvana shirts for up to 3,500 euros. This development shows that band shirts like Nirvana’s have become an integral part of the fashion world. No matter whether it comes from the luxury boutique or the vintage shop around the corner: you can find numerous outfit ideas on Instagram and the like. Stella Maxwell (33) and Holly Madison (44) are also fans of the famous logo.

Fashion fans are particularly impressed by the colorful prints with the scary faces on them. From Kourtney Kardashian (44) to Lady Gaga (37) – there are numerous celebrities wearing shirts with the logo of the band Iron Maiden on them. Lady Gaga was even photographed by the renowned photographer Bruce Weber (77) in the Iron Maiden look for the magazine “CR Fashion Book”. In 2012, Balenciaga showed T-shirts with Iron Maiden prints and during Copenhagen Fashion Week 2016, influencers combined the band shirt with XL sunglasses and over-the-knee boots.

A video published by “Radio Energy Zurich” in 2017 shows that the younger generation in particular thinks of a designer first when they hear the name Guns N’Roses, rather than the cult band. The legendary combination of roses and pistols is still partly in use today the collections of H