They are called Paris High Top Full Destroyed and they are the new fashionable sneakers. Balenciaga has put this curious shoe on sale, which mimics a “shattered effect”. On the brand’s website they explain that among its characteristics is its manufacture with “completely worn cotton and rubber”, “tears throughout the fabric” and having a “vulcanized sole”.

The online site also boasts that they have the Balenciaga logo stamped on the edge of the toe box, which is supposedly what would give them value. Ironically, Balenciaga recommends cleaning them “with a soft cloth” to preserve them properly.

Despite their appearance of being broken and dirty, the demand has skyrocketed, and in fact there is no purchase availability on the web.

“Due to frequent changes in the store’s inventory, the availability of an item cannot be guaranteed,” the website reads when trying to purchase one.

In a statement, the brand explains that these shoes are “a renewed classic that reinterprets the athletics and the timeless casual of the mid-century, in black, white or red with a white rubber sole and toecap”, which maintains part of that finish ” aged” and “rough edges giving it a worn look”.