The next record for “Avater: The Way of Water”: The blockbuster by James Cameron (68) made 129 million euros at the box office in just 68 days in Germany, making it currently the highest-grossing film in Germany. This was announced by the manager of the Walt Disney Company in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, Roger Crotti.

“Avatar: The Way of Water” breaks the “25-year-old record as the most successful film of all time by sales in Germany, which was set in 1998 by ‘Titanic’,” says Crotti. However, the high inflation and the increased prices for cinema tickets must also be taken into account, as well as the surcharges for cinema films in 3D.

Meanwhile, the film with the most admissions is still “Titanic” – another blockbuster directed by James Cameron. The feature film drama recently celebrated its 25th anniversary and is currently being shown again in many cinemas.