Travis Kelce makes no secret of his feelings for girlfriend and global star Taylor Swift. The Super Bowl winner repeatedly speaks proudly and appreciatively of his partner. The two recently spent a vacation in the Bahamas. According to Page Six, Kelce and Swift stayed there in luxury accommodation for $15,000 a night right on the beach. In return, they not only got a prime location, but also reportedly three butlers and two private chefs.

Kelce now told “Entertainment Tonight” in an interview how good his time under the sun was for him. “Is it because of the sun of the Bahamas or the love of the Bahamas that you are so radiant right now?” presenter Nischelle Turner asked the football star. “You know what? It’s just beautiful down there, isn’t it?” Kelce said. “You can get anything down there. All the love in the world.”

Kelce also confirmed that he will also be supporting Taylor Swift on the European leg of her Eras World Tour. From May to the end of August, Swift will be on stadium stages and giving concerts in various countries and cities across Europe. “We’re both very career-oriented,” Kelce said. “I think we both love what we do and any opportunity where I can show her my support [I want to take advantage of] knowing that she has fully supported me throughout the season,” he said Kansas City Chiefs player.

In an interview with the US magazine “People”, the athlete also emphasized how satisfied he is with his life at the moment. “I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. I’m a guy that some people say the glass is half full, half empty, and my glass is completely full,” Kelce said.

In February, Kelce and his team won the Super Bowl, the most important sporting event in the USA. Swift was there in Las Vegas, stormed the field after her boyfriend’s victory and celebrated with him and his team.

Quellen: Entertainment Tonight / “Page Six” / “People”

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