A man was arrested at the Royal Mews, the British royal family’s riding stables near Buckingham Palace. This is reported by “Sky News”, among others. The London police were alerted on Saturday (September 16th) – a person had apparently climbed a wall and entered the “forbidden area” of the facility.

According to British media reports, after a search, a 25-year-old man was arrested by police officers in front of the stables adjacent to the palace gardens. According to Sky News, Scotland Yard said: “At no time did the man enter Buckingham Palace or the palace gardens.” He was arrested for unauthorized entry into a protected area. “He was taken into custody at a London police station where he remains,” the agency said.

Buckingham Palace confirmed that no members of the royal family were at the residence at the time of the arrest, according to the report.

“The Royal Mews” at Buckingham Palace is for travel arrangements of King Charles III. (74) and other members of the royal household are responsible for everything from the horse-drawn carriage to the car. Among other things, the Gold State Coach is there. The carriage was first used by King George III. (1738-1820) and has been used at every coronation since that of William IV (1765-1837) in 1831, including Charles’ coronation in May 2023.

There have been a few incidents with intruders at Buckingham Palace itself. The most famous was the break-in by Michael Fagan (75) in 1982. He made it into the bedroom of Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022). The monarch was able to escape and get help. Fagan was then sent to a psychiatric hospital for a few months.