Plus-size model Ashley Graham (35) leads the top 100 sexiest women in the world (“World’s Sexiest Woman”) for “Maxim” magazine. As the “HOT 2023” cover star, the mother of three adorns the May/June issue in lingerie.

On its official Instagram page, the magazine shares the cover and calls Graham the “queen of curves.” She was “great” and “inspirational”. The model shows up in nude lingerie and a dressing gown with feathers, in keeping with his new title “Hottest Woman Alive”.

The 35-year-old left stars like Margot Robbie (32), Ana de Armas (34) and Cara Delevingne (30) behind. She has been a champion of body positivity for years, saying, “We can look at everyone’s shapes and sizes, gender, ethnicity and age as part of who they are. It doesn’t have to be negative or positive. It should something that can be easily adopted, and we don’t have to have these conversations all the time. Our bodies are always changing and evolving.”

Her body has changed as a result of the pregnancies, which is not always easy to accept. She has three sons with her husband Justin Ervin (34). On her Instagram account, she regularly gives insights into her private happiness.

“Having children has given me more motivation,” she explains. “When I was first on the cover of Maxim I didn’t have three kids and this time I have three little babies.” The fact that she got the sexy title after the birth of her twins in January 2022 was a “great honor” and very significant for her: “I’ve always preached that, but after seeing how my body has changed so much after Having had three kids in a row, it’s hard for my head to accept my body and where I am and how new and different it looks. So thanks, Maxim!”

Ashley Graham was discovered at a Nebraska mall when she was 12 years old. Since then she has graced countless magazines and has become the most successful plus-size model in the world. In 2016, she was the first curvy model to appear on the cover of the coveted Sports Illustrated swimwear issue.

The magazine “Maxim” chooses the top 100 list of the sexiest women every year. In 2022, singer Teyana Taylor (32) won, in 2021 golfer Paige Spiranac (30).