In the course of their lives, Germans have sex more than 2000 times on average. With this impressive number, Carolin Kebekus introduces the main focus that she set on her show on Thursday evening. Because although sex is an important topic, it is criminally neglected in school lessons in many places. You yourself have learned significantly more about photosynthesis and the Thirty Years’ War than about sexual intercourse.

One reason for the careless handling of sex: teachers simply do not like to talk to students about this topic. Kebekus quotes a survey from Schleswig-Holstein, according to which primary school teachers prefer to teach about dyke construction than about sexuality. “Would you rather talk about something that sheep poop on?” the moderator asks, aghast.

Many young people then get their information from the Internet, for example by watching porn. Not a good idea, Kebekus thinks: “And then boys have their first time and are surprised that the woman isn’t a willless sword swallower and didn’t bring her stepmother with her.”

Using her own team, Kebekus demonstrates how big the gaps in education really are: Many of her employees failed to answer simple questions about sex accurately. And so the comedienne decided to take the enlightenment project into her own hands – and got celebrity help: Together with Aminata Belli, Parshad Esmaeili, Nicolas Puschmann and Irina Schlauch, Kebekus explains “what you should always know about sex “.

Technical support is provided by the “Knowbody” team, which has created an app with curricula – for topics “that are more important than dike construction”. The resulting videos can be accessed on the website In her contribution, Aminata Belli underlines how important consensus is and that the rule always applies: No means no. Nicolas Puschmann and Irina Schlauch tell what other sexual orientations and identities there are besides heterosexuality. And Parshad Esmaeili enlightens about female lust.

Maybe also a good suggestion for teachers who would rather talk about dyke construction than sex in class because they don’t want to: why not just play a few videos? Carolin Kebekus provided a useful template.

Here you can watch the contributions of the “Carolin Kebekus Show”.