The first episode of “Sesame Street” was broadcast on German television on January 8, 1973, so the popular children’s program is celebrating its 50th birthday in Germany on Sunday. In addition, Kika is showing a big birthday show on Sunday. But it’s not just the children who are celebrating, but also the grown-ups – Ernie, Bert and Grobi are also allowed to visit the news program “Tagesthemen” on Friday at 9:45 p.m.

In a clip that the show published in advance, Ernie and Bert are at the famous podium together with presenter Caren Miosga. Bert chic with a suit and tie, Ernie chose a more casual wardrobe for the big appearance: “By the way, pajamas like that are very practical for a show that comes so late. You can go to bed right after that.”

The trio manages the transition to the weather by having Ernie and Miosga wrap Bert in a thick scarf and hat. “It’s January, you’re wearing far too little,” warns Ernie. And advises the viewer: “You should definitely dress like this tomorrow, because it will definitely be wet and cold.”

Presenter Caren Miosga is a big fan of Sesame Street herself. “Ernie and Bert are the pop stars of my childhood! Every night I waited in my striped pajamas for my heroes in the striped sweater. What luck on TV to have these great puppeteers as guests in the Tagesthemen studio and to be able to watch them at work. They improvise constantly and are bursting with ideas, even though they’re kneeling on the floor and doing really hard work,” said the 53-year-old, according to the NDR report.

There is also another excerpt to see on the social media channels: Grobi also appears in it – and cleans up the “Daily Topics” studio properly. In addition to the appearance on Friday evening, “Sesame Street” will also be represented in the “Daily Topics” on Sunday. Then the Cookie Monster speaks the commentary on the show. However, not in the evening as usual, but in a special edition at 7.20 a.m.

Sources: “Tagesschau” / “Tagesthemen” on Twitter / NDR