Even with Germany’s most famous news program something goes wrong. And if there’s a problem with the “Tagesschau”, it’s often remembered for a long time. It is questionable whether the glitch that the “Tagesschau” team underwent on Wednesday will also gain notoriety.

Spokeswoman Judith Rakers was reading the 8 p.m. news, but had apparently made a mistake: the first thing she announced was a new chip factory in Saarland. However, a picture of Ursula von der Leyen was displayed behind her, with a lettering on the industrial policy of the EU Commission. A classic text-image pair of scissors.

Judith Rakers herself apparently did not notice the mistake. So the director had to intervene to rectify the mistake. The 47-year-old was informed that something was going wrong via the button in her ear, which connects the speakers in the studio to the director behind the scenes.

The “Tagesschau” spokeswoman reacted confidently as usual: “I’m just hearing that this is the wrong message, we didn’t want to start the show with it. We wanted to start with the EU subsidies for green technology.” Then she read the correct message from her moderation card.

Normally, the announcers of the “Tagesschau” read the news from a teleprompter. For cases like this, in which one cannot rely on the technology, they also have the reports printed out on the table in front of them. Judith Rakers staged the rest of the show without an accident.

Nevertheless, the “Tagesschau” decided to record the program again – the ARD media center shows a program in which everything is going smoothly.

Sources: Twitter / ARD media library