The rapper Apache 207 (25) will be doing an extensive arena tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland next year. The man from Mannheim, whose real name is Volkan Yaman, announced this at his last open-air show in Berlin on Saturday evening. This has now been confirmed by his management. There will be twelve shows in total.

As a promotional campaign for his upcoming performances, lasers appeared in the sky in numerous cities on Sunday evening at 8 p.m. to draw attention to the upcoming concerts. This is also the case in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich, among others, as numerous videos on TikTok, Instagram and Co. prove. In Stuttgart and Mannheim, however, large letters reading “Apache 207 Arena Tour 2024” adorned the Hans Martin Schleyer Hall and the SAP Arena, respectively.

The big arena tour starts on May 2nd and stops in these twelve cities: Apache 207 will be seen in Berlin, Frankfurt, Mannheim, Dortmund, Hamburg, Hanover, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich, Vienna, Zurich and Stuttgart. Advance sales for the 2024 tour start on September 21st at 4 p.m.

In recent years, Apache 207 has developed from an insider tip into an absolute mass phenomenon. His album “Gartenstadt”, released in June, not only brought him to number one in the charts, but also numerous sold-out concerts. The rapper most recently played three days in a row from September 14th to 16th at Berlin’s Waldbühne. The Amazon documentary “Apache Stays the Same,” released in September 2022, also contributed to the hype of the last few months.

His biggest hit to date is undoubtedly the Udo Lindenberg duet “Komet”, which was released in January 2023, broke numerous chart records and remains in the top ten of the single charts to this day.