The third season of the extremely successful YouTube reality show “7 vs. Wild” is awaited with great excitement. Last year, it took first place in the German YouTube charts with more than eleven million views. As the makers of the survival format have now announced, Andreas Kieling (63), currently Germany’s best-known animal filmmaker, will not appear as a candidate in the new episodes from November as originally planned.

The exact reasons for his sacking before the start of filming in the Canadian wilderness is not yet known. A statement from “7 vs. Wild” in an Instagram story said: “Due to an incident between Ann-Kathrin Bendixen (monkey on bike) and Andreas Kieling during the preparatory phase in Canada, we decided before the suspension of the Participants decided not to let Andreas Kieling participate in Season 3 of ‘7 vs Wild’. It was a crossing of boundaries that we would not and could not tolerate.” “The shooting star Jan (Schlappen) Lange” (24), who was on site as a reservist, stepped in as a team partner alongside Joey Kelly (50).

The social media adventurer Ann-Kathrin Bendixen (23), mentioned in the post, also spoke up on the matter in an Instagram story. There she wrote: “Shortly before the start of the new season ‘7 vs Wild’ there was an incident with Andreas Kieling. It was a very unpleasant border crossing for me. The production reacted immediately and excluded Andreas from his participation. Andreas has then apologized to me for the incident. That means the topic is over for me at the moment”.