After the focus in the first episode was clearly on the separation from Oliver Pocher (45), Amira Pocher (31) and her brother Hima Aly (33) focused attention in the second episode in their new joint podcast “Liebes Leben”. their sibling relationship. Amira also pays her brother a big compliment: “After the children, you are the most important person in my life.” But of course the siblings can’t avoid talking about the reactions to the first podcast episode.

It’s been a “very eventful week” for them, the two say at the beginning of their conversation. The first episode was a complete success: “We set a new benchmark with our first episode when it comes to views.” Hima also emphasizes again how important he thinks it is that Amira spoke out about the separation from her ex-partner. But it will probably stay that way for the time being, as the mother of two emphasizes: “I still won’t do that. That was the first and last time.” That’s just not her way of dealing with such things. “I have now told a fraction and that should be enough for now.”

However, it is important for Amira to emphasize again in the course of episode two that she has been separated for longer than the public knows. After the last episode, some people asked why it happened so quickly for her to be ready for love again. When making her statement, she did not consider that the public had only known since August that she and Oliver Pocher were separated. “We have been unofficially separated for a long time,” said the podcaster. “It feels like I’ve been separated for a year.”

What becomes clear in episode two: For Amira Pocher, the well-being of her two sons comes first. Her brother also emphasizes this when the question arises about what character traits define his sister: “Now I see you as someone who still wants to achieve a lot, but you have a new side: you’re also a mother now and you want something Pass it on. You want to make everything possible for your children. You only want the best for your children and even more.”

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