There’s a lot of tension between the separated couples Oliver (45) and Amira Pocher (31) – and they let their anger run wild in the latest episode of their joint podcast. Oliver can no longer hide his anger when it comes to one topic in particular: Amira’s new cat annoys him. As Amira tells us in “The Pochers!”, exclusively at Podimo, she is currently setting up her new home after moving out. Apparently not a major problem for Oliver, who initially asks with interest whether she has settled in yet.

But when the conversation turns to the new animal roommate, the tone suddenly becomes more serious. “You don’t give animals away,” Pocher whispers to Amira, who received the cat as a gift from her mother and brother. “I found it strange, totally wrong and not particularly stylish,” said Pocher. You should have spoken to him. “They only meant well,” Amira tries to protect her family.

The reason for his resentment seems to be quite specific: Pocher’s cat hair allergy. But it’s obviously not a problem for Amira in everyday life: “We’ll manage everything, the children will get changed into fresh clothes,” Amira immediately tries to appease and at the same time offer a solution. The children would always come to him “without cat hair.” “That’s very nice,” Oliver counters, not without some sarcasm.

By the way: Contrary to media reports to the contrary, Oliver Pocher was also invited to Amira’s birthday party last week, but stayed away from the celebration at his own request. He also revealed this in the podcast: “I didn’t feel like I had to go there. I’m allowed to do that too.” He just didn’t feel like it. But he was happy if Amira had fun there. That’s why “everything is fine” for him.

“I’m the cold icicle, the cold-hearted ex-wife who parties while the poor man sits sadly at home. That’s how you always make me look,” Amira takes a swipe at her husband. Everything she does is wrong: “When I laugh when I celebrate my birthday. I’m fed up with this portrayal.” However, Oliver doesn’t understand his wife’s excitement at the moment. He comments that you don’t always have to take everything personally.

After seven years of marriage and two children together, the Pochers separated. The first rumors emerged in June. They also confirmed the end of their marriage in a podcast episode at the end of August. “It’s time to educate people. […] We thought this is probably the best way to say it. We’re separated. That’s it,” they told their fans at the time.