For the first time, an incumbent German minister has made it onto the cover of the legendary “Vogue”. The Green State Minister Aminata Touré (30) from Schleswig-Holstein adorns the German “Vogue” newspaper, which will appear in stores on Tuesday, November 22nd. Touré, who celebrated her 30th birthday just a few days ago, has been Minister for Social Affairs, Youth, Family, Senior Citizens, Integration and Equality in Schleswig-Holstein since June 29 of this year under Prime Minister Daniel Günther (49).

Touré was born in Neumünster in 1992 after her parents fled to Germany from the 1991 coup in Mali. She spent the first years of her life in a shelter for refugees. On Instagram and with her podcast “I’ll take that with me” (together with Lasse Petersdotter), Touré wants to inform people about the everyday life of a politician and minister, thus ensuring transparency and accessibility.

“I think that’s master knowledge. Master knowledge about how politics works often paves the way to politics,” explains Touré in the “Vogue” cover story. For her personally, politics is “an outlet to get out of powerlessness”. The Green Minister is followed by 129,000 people on Instagram.