Almila Bagriacik (32) is in love and soon also in motherhood. In an interview with the magazine “Gala”, the “Tatort” actress has now made her relationship with director Finn Christoph Stroeks (37) public and at the same time announced that the couple is expecting children.

She found out she was pregnant on her first holiday together. “It’s the best experience I’ve ever had,” she enthuses. She also reveals that she and the director met while filming the comedy “Best Man” (theatrical release September 14, 2023).

“I fell in love with the story and ultimately with him,” said Bagriacik. “We quickly realized that two kindred spirits were meeting.” Above all, she likes his calm demeanor and humor. “It’s actually cheeky that a man with so much charisma only works behind the camera.” Before Stroeks, Bagriacik was in a relationship with entrepreneur Sebastian G√ľndel. The two split in March 2021.

The German-Turkish woman has been part of the permanent Kiel “Tatort” team alongside Axel Milberg (66) for five years. The two mimes the investigator duo Mila Sahin and Klaus Borowski. How Bagriacik’s role will continue is still unclear. The plans for her character in the Netflix series “The Empress”, for which a second season was announced in November 2022, are also not yet known.