On April 21, the German television landscape once again gathered in Marl in North Rhine-Westphalia. Stars of the industry cavorted on the red carpet and provided glitz and glamor at the 59th presentation of the Grimme Prize. Around 400 guests were expected. The Grimme Institute shows impressions of the event in its Instagram stories.

In particular, the pregnant actress Almila Bagriacik (32), one of the winners in the fiction competition, should have attracted a lot of attention. She presented herself radiantly with a clearly visible baby bump and the award. The “Tatort” actress was honored alongside the director and screenwriter Daphne Charizani (56) for “an impressive acting performance” in the film “Im Feuer – Zwei Schwestern”, as the jury stated, among other things.

Bagriacik only made it public in February that she was expecting a child with her partner Finn Christoph Stroeks (37). “It’s the best experience I’ve ever had,” she enthused in an interview with Gala magazine. The couple met while filming the comedy Best Man. They “quickly realized that two kindred spirits were meeting”.

In addition to Bagriacik, the winners present included Jella Haase (30) for the Netflix series “Kleo” and Peri Baumeister (37) and Mina Tander (44) for “Neuland”. Jan Böhmermann (42) and his team for “ZDF Magazin Royale” were able to pick up their sixth Grimme Prize.

For Tim Mälzer (52) and the show “Zum Schwarzwälder Hirsch” there was one of the jury prizes as well as the audience prize. Furthermore, the German Adult Education Association honored the actress and cabaret artist Maren Kroymann (73) with the so-called “special honor”. Moderator Jo Schück (42) hosted the evening, Helmut Zerlett (66) and his band provided the musical accompaniment.