On April 22, 2024, the “Gefragt – Gejagt” hunter Klaus Otto Nagorsnik (1955-2024), one of the most famous quiz icons on German television, died. In a related press release from ARD, Alexander Bommes (48), host of the quiz show since 2012, was extremely saddened by the loss of his long-time colleague: “With Klaus Otto Nagorsnik, we are losing a role model of authenticity, education and joy of life. I have him admired and incredibly enjoyed playing and laughing with him. The hunt will continue for him too.”

On May 10th, Bommes described how the quiz hunt continued without the know-it-all known as “The Librarian” after the shocking news of his death on the “NDR Talk Show”. “That was in the middle of a production week,” Bommes explained there. “Klaus Otto didn’t show up at the hotel that evening and would have been there the next day. According to the neighbors, he fell asleep in his apartment, luckily with loud music and with a crazy anticipation of Hamburg.” For Nagorsnik, the show was “a huge part of his life.”

After the death of the popular colleague became known, the shaken team still had four more days of filming ahead of them. Together we thought about how we could continue after this shock. In the end, in the spirit of the deceased, they decided to deal with the matter pragmatically and get the shipment through. “Then we came together, remained silent for him, then clapped for him, that’s what he would have wanted,” said Bommes. “Then we continued for him too, but that was brutal.”

Nagorsnik, who worked as a librarian in Münster until his retirement, celebrated his television debut in 2013 on the ARD game show “The German Masters”, where he caused a stir with his above-average general and specialist knowledge. From 2014 he became one of the “hunters” on “Gefragt-Gejagt” and, always in a suit and bow tie, wrote himself into German TV history with his balanced charm.