Alec Baldwin (65) has spoken out on the set of “Rust” after the involuntary manslaughter case was provisionally dropped. However, the actor said nothing about the case itself. Instead, he posted a picture on Instagram that showed him hugging his wife Hilaria (39). The US star has closed his eyes in the photo and looks relieved. It is not clear when the picture was taken.

“Everything I have I owe to this woman,” Alec Baldwin captioned the picture. “And you, Luke,” he added. It can be assumed that he means his lawyer Luke Nikas.

The involuntary manslaughter charges against the actor were dropped Thursday, according to Baldwin’s attorneys. There was a fatal incident on the set of the western “Rust” in October 2021. During a rehearsal, a gun was fired from a gun Baldwin was wielding. Camerawoman Halyna Hutchins (1979-2021) was fatally shot. Baldwin declared his innocence, he did not fire the gun, it went off by itself.

The US state of New Mexico had filed a lawsuit against actor and armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed. Assistant director Dave Halls (63), who handed Baldwin the edged weapon on the set, was sentenced to a six-month suspended sentence at the end of March. The public prosecutor’s office also dropped the case against Gutierrez-Reed.

But Alec Baldwin is not completely off the hook. The public prosecutor’s office could resume the proceedings at a later date, according to reports.

Hilaria Baldwin also reported on Instagram after the redeeming message. She was even more taciturn than her husband. She posted a photo of Alec Baldwin holding her on his lap like a child. As in his Instagram picture, he has his eyes closed. Hilaria did not write anything about the photo, but only posted a heart emoji.

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin have been married since 2012. They have seven children together.