Because Die Amigos had to cancel two performances for health reasons in the past few days, fans were worried. But the brothers Bernd (72) and Karl-Heinz Ulrich (74) have now given the all-clear: They appeared in the “ZDF TV Garden”.

On Sunday morning (June 25), the musicians announced on Instagram that they would be taking part in the show as planned: “We can’t wait to sing and dance with you.” In an Instagram story, the “ZDF television garden” also announced: “They are here!” The brothers presented their song “My Heaven on Earth” on the show.

“Karlheinz recently had circulation problems in the heat,” the “Bild” quoted the duo’s management as saying. During the show “Always Again on Sundays” a week ago, there were 45 degrees on the stage, and his circulation collapsed. In an interview with “Bild”, the singer said: “It was bad, I was already struck before. I was in the hospital for a short time after the performance and needed an infusion. But my family doctor quickly took over.” The brothers then canceled their appearances at the “Alpen Flair Festival” in South Tyrol and on June 24 at the open-air “When the Musi plays”.

The Amigos have existed since 1970, initially there were four of them. They blossomed from the village band to pop stars, who made several number one hits and received many awards. In 2020 they celebrated their 50th anniversary as a band.