RTL showed the bizarre crime comedy “Miss Merkel – Ein Uckermark-Krimi” last Tuesday (March 21) at 8:15 p.m. (also available on RTL). The 90-minute film is based on the first part of the successful “Miss Merkel” book series by David Safier (56). Katharina Thalbach (69) plays the retired chancellor who moved to a small town in the Uckermark with her husband Joachim and pug Helmut and suddenly has to solve a criminal case. A total of just over three million viewers watched.

Before the TV premiere, Katharina Thalbach (69) explained in an interview with spot on news that she hopes “that things will go well with the viewers” so that the team can also shoot the second part, “Murder in the Cemetery”. “I know that David Safier is already writing a third part, so I would be thrilled to continue,” emphasized the actress who played the amateur detective in the sense of Miss Marple.

“We are very happy about the great ratings that our ‘Miss Merkel’ film has achieved,” said an RTL spokeswoman the day after the broadcast at the request of the news agency spot on news. “More than three million viewers were enthusiastic about the first case of the detective former chancellor – excellently embodied by the wonderful Katharina Thalbach.” Overall, the broadcaster is happy “that our ‘deadly crime service day’ is so well received by the audience”. When asked about a second part, the spokeswoman said: “There are other stories and ideas about Angela Merkel as an investigator that we are currently dealing with. But we will provide more information about a sequel at a later date known.”

In “Miss Merkel – Ein Uckermark-Krimi” the chancellor, who recently retired and could enjoy a relaxed life in the Uckermark with her husband Joachim and her pug Helmut, quickly gets bored. When Baron Philip von Baugenwitz is found poisoned in a castle dungeon locked from the inside, “Miss Merkel” suspects that it is not a suicide. Since the police involved do not want to admit this, they have to investigate themselves with the support of their bodyguard Mike.