After weeks of speculation about the state of health of Princess Kate (42), it became known on March 19th that employees of the London Clinic, where the wife of Prince William (41) had an operation on her abdomen in January, were said to have tried to illegally access the Princess of Wales’s medical records.

Since King Charles III. (75) was treated for his prostate in the same private clinic in January, concerns arose that the cancer-suffering monarch’s private medical data could also have been compromised. But that is apparently not the case, as “The Mirror” reported on the evening of March 20th.

The London Clinic has informed Buckingham Palace that the alleged data breach surrounding Princess Kate, which is currently being investigated, “did not involve the monarch,” sources confirmed to the British newspaper.

The “Mirror” also reported in the evening that “up to three people” could have been involved in the alleged access to the Princess of Wales’s medical records, and that the incident is said to have occurred after Kate’s dismissal on January 29th.

Earlier in the day, London Clinic CEO Al Russell said in an official statement that “all appropriate investigative, regulatory and disciplinary measures will be taken” to investigate the allegations. He also emphasized that the hospital would have systems in place to monitor the handling of patient data, as the Daily Mail reported.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the UK’s independent data protection and freedom of information watchdog, also reportedly confirmed to CNN on March 20 that it had received a notification of a data breach and was reviewing the information provided.