Lizzo has had enough. Enough of the constant hostility, enough of her body being constantly commented on and the lies being spread about her. The musician now vented herself in an Instagram post. And in a way that sent her fans into a frenzy. Because what she writes in it almost sounds like the announcement of the end of her career.

There are two little words that caused a tremor in the music industry: “I quit”, which loosely translates as “I’m getting out”. They are her final words. She is tired of constantly being put down – in real and virtual life. “It’s starting to feel like the world doesn’t want me in it,” she writes. All she wants is to make music. She wants to make people happy and the world a little better. Instead, she constantly has to defend herself against any lies that are spread about her. Her character is being torn apart by people who neither know nor respect her. “Every time I’m the butt of a joke because I look the way I look,” says the 35-year-old. “I didn’t sign up for that shit.”

Lizzo, whose real name is Melissa Jefferson, is now filling huge halls. As a rapper, singer and flute player, she has already been awarded four Grammys. For many, she has also become an icon of femininity beyond conventional model dimensions. An image that she has always confidently stood for, for which she was celebrated by some and harshly attacked by others. In May of last year, she spoke about a real wave of body shaming that had descended on her on “X”. Among other things, it was suggested that she was eating too much fast food. Even back then, she said she was on the verge of giving up everything. So this time she could actually get serious.

What was the trigger this time? Last August, three former dancers on Lizzo’s team complained about a work atmosphere that was said to be humiliating and degrading. Her lawsuit includes allegations of sexual, religious and racial harassment, discrimination, assault and false imprisonment. The singer is also said to have practiced fat-shaming herself. Lizzo denied the allegations.

After Lizzo performed at a benefit event for US President Joe Biden at the Radio City Music Hall in New York on Thursday, the dancers’ lawyer spoke out again. The actress reportedly called it “shameful” that “Lizzo was chosen to star at an event like this in the face of such outrageous allegations.” Many now understand Lizzo’s supposed withdrawal post as a reaction to the recent criticism.

Almost 60,000 people have now commented on her post (as of March 31, 2 p.m.), including several celebrities. Hotel heiress Paris Hilton sent supportive greetings: “We love you, Queen!”. Destiny’s Child member LeToya Luckett added: “You are very loved.” Dancer and choreographer Kiara Mooring also tried to encourage: “You can’t let the haters win, Mama Lizzo! You are loved, keep going!” Mixed in with many supportive messages are hate messages that make it clear what Lizzo meant in her message. You can read comments like: “Quitting Eating? (Stop eating?)” and “See you at McDonald’s next week”.

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