Chuck Norris (84) will not be deposed – he will be deposed! But unfortunately the action star and source of countless memes is not starring in the reboot of his cult series “Walker, Texas Ranger”. So even he couldn’t prevent what his successor, “Supernatural” star Jared Padalecki (41), had to announce with a heavy heart: After four seasons, the series “Walker” was canceled by the US broadcaster The CW.

Padalecki revealed to his approximately 6.5 million followers on his official Instagram account that his journey as the righteous ranger Cordell Walker comes to an abrupt end. Along with the cowboy hat placed on a bed and the “Walker” logo, the actor wrote: “Howdy everyone. It is with a heavy heart that I have to share this news with you. ‘Walker’ will not be returning for a fifth season on the CW.” The star did not give a reason for the cancellation.

Although he cannot hide his disappointment, he is also “so grateful for the ‘Walker’ family that was created on and off the set.” After four seasons together, they have grown into a close-knit, loving group. Padalecki is eternally grateful for this time, which will always put a smile on his face.

But the most important member of this “Walker” family is someone else: “All too often we are the ones who receive praise, gratitude and flattery, and all too often we miss the opportunity to put it back where it belongs… too the fans!”

“Walker” premiered on The CW at the beginning of 2021, and in this country the series is available to stream via RTL and Prime Video, among others. The now final fourth season has been running in the USA since the beginning of April, with episode 69 the last one flickering across the screens on June 26th.

The original “Walker, Texas Ranger” with Chuck Norris had significantly more episodes: From 1993 to 2001, Norris kept his state crime-free in over 200 episodes spread over eight seasons.