In December 2022, a sexual assault lawsuit was filed against Backstreet Boy singer Nick Carter (43). Now the musician is defending himself with a counterclaim. This is reported again by the US celebrity portal “TMZ”, citing new legal documents.

Accordingly, Carter denies the allegations of the now 39-year-old plaintiff, who claims that the singer made her submissive with alcohol in 2001 as a 17-year-old on the boy band’s tour bus and then forced her to perform sexual acts in the on-board toilet. The crime is said to have taken place in the city of Tacoma, Washington. The woman, who is said to have autism and cerebral palsy, filed the lawsuit 22 years after the alleged crime in early December 2022. She also demands damages from the singer because she got infected with the HP virus through him.

According to the report, Carter now describes the charges as “the culmination of a years-long conspiracy” against him. He also believes that the plaintiff was persuaded by relatives.

Carter’s lawyer Michael Hotz has already responded to the massive allegations with a statement. The claim is not only legally unfounded, but also untrue. The plaintiff would have been manipulated for years into making false allegations against Carter. Nobody should be fooled by the fact that it is just a “staged press stunt”: “There is absolutely nothing to this statement, and we have no doubt that the courts will recognize that quickly.”

After the rape and abuse allegations against Carter became known, there were already first consequences. For example, the US broadcaster ABC canceled the planned broadcast of “A Very Backstreet Holiday” for December 14th.