Marvel star Jeremy Renner (52), who was life-threateningly injured in an accident with his snow plow at the turn of the year, is apparently about to return to the limelight. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor is expected to walk the red carpet in Los Angeles on April 11th. The reason for the event is Renner’s new documentary series “Rennervations”, which will be released on April 12 in four episodes on the Disney streaming service.

After the appearance on the red carpet, Renner will take part in a question/answer session, it is said. In advance, Renner had announced the format as his heart project, which also helped him through the difficult time after the accident: “It’s one of my greatest passions and the driving force behind my recovery. I can’t wait for the world to face.”

In “Rennervations” discarded special vehicles are brought back into shape by Renner and prominent helpers so that they can be used for charitable purposes – basically “Pimp My Ride” with charity ideas. In the episodes recorded before Renner’s accident, he works on various vehicles with a team of specialists in the USA, Mexico and India. He also receives prominent support from Marvel colleague Anthony Mackie (44), actress Vanessa Hudgens (34), Bollywood star Anil Kapoor (66) and singer Sebastián Yatra (28).

On New Year’s Day 2023, Renner fell under his heavy snow cat and was seriously injured. It was anything but clear that he would be able to attend public events again around three and a half months after the accident. The star was in mortal danger in the intensive care unit for several days immediately after the accident.

Since then, he has regularly shared his arduous path to old strength with the world on Instagram. Just a few days ago, he posted a video showing him walking on a so-called anti-gravity treadmill.