Swifties can look forward to more concerts from their idol. On May 9th, Taylor Swift gave the first concert of her “Eras” tour in Paris. In a bright orange and pink jeweled bodysuit, the musician took the stage at Paris’s La Défense Arena in front of around 45,000 fans.

To the delight of her passionate fans, she also brought along a few new songs from her recently published work “The Tortured Poets Department”. She sang “Down Bad” and “I Can Do It With A Broken Heart”, among others. But not only that. The record singer also performed her song “So High School” to its best. Fans suspected immediately after publication that it might be about her new relationship with football star Travis Kelce. And apparently she paid tribute to Kelce with a little choreography.

This is how Swift and her backround dancers dance to the song “Swag Surfin” by Fast Life Yungstaz. Their steps and dance were reminiscent of the dance that players from Kelce’s team, the Kansas City Chiefs, often do on the sidelines. The gossip magazine “Page Six” published a video of it.

It is likely that the piece “So High School” describes their turbulent relationship. The song is about teenage feelings, first love and butterflies in your stomach. That must be Swift’s Kelce song, that’s the Swifties’ direct assumption. And they might be right. Swift has published a video on YouTube with the lyrics to “So High School”. If you look closely, you can see a subtle message after about 40 seconds that could confirm the fan theory.

“Cheeks pink in the twinkling lights/Tell me ‘bout the first time you saw me,” is what the film image says. But four letters stand out from the others: both the T and K (for Travis Kelce) in “Twinkling” and the T and S (for Taylor Swift) in “Lights” are written in pink, the other letters are all white.

With her choreography, Swift has now finally confirmed the theories.

What: “Page Six”

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