Actress Olivia Marei (33) is again in front of the camera for the RTL-Daily “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten” (Monday to Friday at 7:40 p.m., also on RTL). “I was really excited the days before, but when I came through the studio door, I was just happy to be back – all excitement was gone and I immediately felt at home again,” explains Marei in the RTL interview her comeback after her baby break.

Marei, who has been playing police officer Toni Ahrens since 2018, gave birth to a son for the second time in October 2022, and she has been back on the set of the series since last Tuesday (August 22nd). “I just have great support: at the moment my parents are with me in Potsdam and are looking after the youngest while I prepare for the shoot and am on the set,” she says of her new everyday life between work and family life. At the end of the week, her husband Johannes and “our older son from Vienna will join them. Johannes will still be on parental leave and will take on the real work – education, household and Co. – while I can play on the set,” she adds with a laugh.

She is very proud of her two sons, says Marei. “They are just so cute, both individually and together. Sometimes I wish I could stop time. It’s hard to believe that the big one will start school next year and the little one will soon be taking his first steps!” Together with her family, she made good use of the free time and traveled the world. “My husband and I agree that we couldn’t have used the baby break more intensively: we paddled through Thailand’s lakes in canoes with our sons, tasted the culinary delights of Taiwanese night markets, drove to the Arctic Ocean in a mobile home […] All of these extraordinary experiences have brought us together as a family.”

She wishes her role Toni for the coming time, “that she settles in well again in the neighborhood, doesn’t miss her mother Nina too much and that she can deal with the fact that Erik may no longer be by her side,” explains Marei. There is also this souvenir from the USA, “which she won’t get rid of so quickly. It will be very exciting when I can be seen on the screen again in a few weeks”.