Singer Adele (34) struggled with her divorce from Simon Konecki (48). During the separation phase, she went to therapy five times a day, she explained according to the “Daily Mail” during a performance in Las Vegas on Friday evening. She is now in therapy again. On the stage of the Colosseum at the Hotel Ceasar’s Palace, Adele said: “I had to start again.” She wanted to be in top form for the concerts in the gambling city and found an outlet for it.

At that time, after the separation from Konecki, she used the same outlet to process her relationship problems, Adele continued. Up to five times a day. She then got by without therapy for a few years: “I stopped feeling responsible for my own behavior and the things I say.” She wanted to give everything and therefore let herself be “pepped up every week”. The reason: stage fright. She was “filled with fear” before live performances, but she is currently enthusiastic about her permanent Las Vegas commitment.

With tears in her eyes, she reports on her therapy session a few days earlier, in which the concert on Friday was also specifically addressed: “I always get so emotional. I love making music, but performing live has something that I like really scares and fills me with fear.” That’s why she’s not a fan of big tours. She just wanted to prove to herself that she could do it.

Adele had been in a relationship with Simon Konecki since 2011, and their son was born in October 2012. After numerous rumors in 2017, Adele confirmed Konecki as “her husband” at the Grammy Awards. In April 2019, a spokeswoman for Adele announced the separation from Konecki, and the divorce became final on March 4, 2021. Adele has been in a new relationship with sports agent Rich Paul (40) for the past year.