US actress Sharon Stone feels prejudiced in the custody battle over her son fifteen years ago because of her “Basic Instinct” role. The judge asked her son (“my tiny little boy”) at the time: “Do you know that your mother makes sex films?” Said the 64-year-old on the podcast “Table for Two”. People judged what kind of mother she was for making this film, Stone said, calling it “a kind of abuse by the system.”

In 2008, a court ruled that their then eight-year-old adopted son, Roan, should live with Stone’s ex-husband Phil Bronstein in San Francisco, rather than with Stone in Hollywood. The father could offer the boy, who was going to school in San Francisco at the time, a “more stable” home, the statement said.

Stone played crime writer Catherine Tramell in the 1992 erotic thriller Basic Instinct. A scene in the film in which Tramell lasciviously crosses his bare legs during an interrogation became iconic. Stone believes that role in the custody battle was her downfall. “People are walking around with absolutely no clothes on regular TV these days and you saw maybe 1/16th of a second of possible nudity from me – and I lost custody of my child,” the actress said. The situation broke her heart at the time and she had to be treated in the hospital. Roan was born in May 2000. After separating from Bronstein, Stone had adopted two more boys.